Epicure Digital NutriLive

Nutritional Menu Labeling

Inform customers to make healthier

meal choices by displaying nutritional data

and icons representing food groups,

nutritional scoring, & allergens. Meet the

Food and Drug Administration's regulations

to display calorie information on menu boards.

Epicure Digital LiveText & LiveMenu Technologies

Add, move, delete & change menu categories, items, descriptions & prices with our easy to learn and use wysiwyg intuitive web

interface. Designed for non-technical food service operators, use any web browser

on any computer with Internet

access to control your menu boards.

Menus the Way You Want Them

At Epicure Digital, you can:

• let us engineer & design your menu boards,

• select a Ready-To-Go Portfolio system

• digitize your menu designs with Epicure Digital

Menu Board technologies, or

• upload and control your own menu and

movie files

Engage Customers In

Powerful New Ways

Our proprietary Epicure Digital Menu System lets operators control LCD menu boards & signage easily & quickly, online, by

meal period & menu cycle. Display videos, photos, live feeds, social media. Operate

more efficiently & engage customers

in powerful new ways.

Epicure Digital Systems

Epicure Digital is a menu board company uniquely integrating our expertise in software technology, restaurant operations & food service marketing to create digital signage products and services for the food service industry. Our core product is the Epicure Digital Menu System. Our core services are menu engineering, menu design, nutritional menu labeling, content creation, and integration with back of house menu planning and nutritional management systems.

The Cure for the Menu Bored

We design digital menu boards that solve our client's complex menu engineering and
point-of-sale marketing issues. By creatively combining information, motion, imagery and food photography, we produce visually compelling multimedia menus and promotions that enhance the dining experience. We call this experience:

The Cure for the Menu Bored.™

Learn about
Epicure Digital with a Free Webinar

The webinar will take about

45 min to one hour. We will

• Walk you through our online portfolio of

Epicure Digital Menu Boards

• Explain the features & functions of the

Epicure Digital Menu System

• Demo the System's easy-to-use

non-technical interface, &

• Review your project & answer your


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Integrate with menu planning &

nutritional databases like:


Computrition Hospitality Suite®

CBORD Foodservice Suite®

CBORD NetMenu®

CBORD Fusion®

Aurora Systems FoodPro®

Agilysys Eatec®

Vision Software®

Nutrition & Allergen

Menu Labeling Icons

Although more than 160 foods can cause allergic reactions, the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004 identifies the eight most common allergenic foods:
Milk, Eggs, Fish, Shellfish, Tree nuts, Peanuts, Wheat, Soybeans. Learn More

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